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Masters Programs

Adult rowers over the age of 21 are all considered "Masters". We offer classes and coaching for rowers at all skill levels, from brand new beginners to elite masters competitors. Course offerings depend on the time of year.

What Masters program is right for me?

Absolute beginners can take Indoor Rowing, Learn to Row, or Learn to Scull. If you have taken a Learn to Row class, or if you are returning to rowing after a long time away, Developmental is likely the best fit for you. If you are an intermediate level rower and above (as assessed by our coaches), you can be an Independent rower, or you can row in the Coached/Competitive program.

Why is Masters rowing becoming so popular?

Rowing is a great total body workout. It uses all of the body’s major muscle groups (arms, legs, back, abdomen, and buttocks). Although strenuous, it is low impact, and improves flexibility and strengthens the back. It can also help prevent and manage osteoporosis.

High intensity rowing burns over 800 calories per hour.  

Rowing relieves stress. It’s not just the exercise and endorphins that make rowing such a good stress reliever. There is a meditative quality in the repetitive rhythm of the stroke. Beautiful sunsets over tranquil waters don’t hurt either.  

You can row with others or on your own. We have rowing shells for 8 people, 4 people, 2 people, or 1 person. Once you complete our Developmental program you can continue on in our Coached/Competitive program or you can row any time in our boats (subject to safety rules and procedures). If you want to row singles you will also need to complete our Learn to Scull program and pass a Flip Test.

Current Offerings

Indoor Rowing
Learn to Row
Learn to Scull
Independent Rowing

Spring Race Schedule
Saturday, 3/24: Atomic Turn and Burn (Oak Ridge, TN)
Saturday, 4/7: Masters Clemson Sprints (Clemson, SC)
Saturday, 5/19: Masters Dogwood Sprints (Oak Ridge, TN)
Saturday, 6/23: Southeast Masters Regionals (Augusta, GA)

Kristin Sherman, Masters Program Coordinator

Kristin is a former University of Virginia oarswoman who competes in BRC’s masters program. She has taken USRowing’s Level 2 Coaches Training. Kristin has over 20 years experience working with underserved populations as an ESL teacher at Central Piedmont Community College and in the Mecklenburg County Jail. She has also facilitated programs for the Community Building Initiative in Charlotte. She is currently a freelance writer, and past Vice-President for Programming for the Charlotte Writers Club.
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