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Masters Rowing

  • Participate in coordinated sessions
  • Check out any BRC boat when available
  • Participate in 1 coached session per week (day and time to vary)
  • Have priority for boat seats in regattas
  • Use the BRC ergs in the RAC facility for group sessions when a coordinated on-water session is cancelled due to inclement weather, and for independent training as permitted by the RAC License Agreement
  • Store a rowing shell onsite, subject to space availability, and payment of an additional $100 storage fee

Coaching will be offered at least 1/week on varying days, and is open to all masters who purchase any of the Masters Passes. The day and time of the weekly coached session will be indicated in advance on the sign-up sheet. The days/times of rowing sessions may be adjusted during the season based on coach/coordinator availability, daylight, equipment needs, etc.

Pre-Season Meeting

August 24, 2019
11:30a - 12:30p
Riverside Athletic Club

Volunteer Commitment (for sweep rowers)

To better share the tasks that enable us to row on the water, all masters who participate in sweep rowing must do 1 of the following:

  • Sign-up at least once every 4 weeks to:
    • Cox
    • Drive a launch
    • Take video from the launch
  • Serve as a Masters Coordinator for the whole season:
    • Make sure there is a coxswain for needed sessions
    • Seats are filled
    • Communicate between coaches and rowers
    • Track/Manage volunteer commitments
  • Pay an opt-out fee of $150 per season
The opt-out fee will show up an as option when you register. Volunteer sessions will be tracked on a signup sheet. If you have signed up to cox or drive a launch but the session is cancelled due to weather or other reasons beyond your control, you will receive credit for the session. Masters who have not met their volunteer commitments by the end of the season will be assessed a pro rata fee for the number of missed volunteer sessions.

5-Row and 10-Row Masters Passes

  • These are alternative, lower cost options for experienced rowers
  • May row in the coordinated sessions with coordinator/coach approval
  • May row in Independent practice boats with coordinator/coach approval
  • Independent sculling (subject to flip test and coach approval)
  • May participate in regattas if asked by a coordinator/coach, but full pass holders have first priority.

What if I use up my 10 rows but still want to row? You can convert the 10 Row Pass to a Full Masters Pass at any time before the end of the season by paying an additional $175. The spring season ends on June 30 and the fall season ends on December 31. However, the Full Masters Pass will only run through the end of the season. For instance, if you convert to a Full Masters Pass on May 15, that will only allow you to row through the end of June.

What if I want to buy a second 10 Row Pass instead of converting to a Full Masters Pass? You can do that, but if you carry it over from one season to the next, you cannot convert it into a Full Masters Pass for the second season. For instance, if you buy a second 10 Row Pass on May 15 and only use it 5 times before July 1, you can have the additional 5 rows after July 1, but you cannot then buy a Full Masters Pass for $175 once those rows are completed. At that point you may keep buying 10 Row Passes or pay full price for a Full Masters Pass.

What if I buy the 10 Row Pass with the intent of racing in a specific boat – can I get bumped from that boat by someone with a Full Masters Pass? Yes. Boat assignments are a coaching decision. Priority will be given to rowers who buy a Full Masters Pass and commit to row regularly.

What if I become ill and do not use up my 10 rows by June 30 – can I carry them over? Yes, you can carry them over until the end of the calendar year. If you buy a 10 Row Pass in the fall and do not use it, you cannot carry the rows over past December 31.

How will BRC keep track of when I row? Jeanne Nugent has agreed to be our 10 Row Pass manager. She will come up with system for tracking rows, which will probably entail a spreadsheet accessible online and regular communication with the BRC coordinators.

Do I still have to meet the volunteer commitment to cox or drive a launch or pay the opt out fee? Yes, if you use some of your 10 rows for sweep. The obligation to cox or drive a launch once every 4 weeks applies to all sweep rowers, unless you pay the opt out fee.

When I volunteer to cox or drive a launch does that count toward my 10 rows? No, definitely not.

If I fill a seat at a coordinator’s request, does that count toward my 10 rows? Yes. The only exception is if you are filling a seat in a Learn to Row or Developmental class. You can fill seats in Learn to Row or Devo as many times as you’d like.

If I drive to the mill to scull and decide to erg instead due to rain, does that count toward my 10 rows? Yes. Erg sessions count the same as rows.

If I participate in a regatta does that count as one of my 10 rows? Yes.

Current Offerings

2019 Masters Pass

July 1 - December 31

6:00p - 8:00p

7:30a - 9:30a

2019 10-Row Pass

2019 5-Row Pass

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What Happens Next?

You can continue building your sweep rowing skills in future Coached/Competitive classes.

If you are interested in sculling, you can take a Learn to Scull class or sign-up for 1-on-1 Private Lessons.
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