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The Coxswain

The coxswain (cox) is a key part of the boat. A coxswain steers the boat and encourages the rowers. In a practice situation, the coxswain is the intermediary between the coach and the rowers. In a race situation, the coxswain executes the race strategy and has the responsibility of making judgment calls to win a race.

Coxing is an excellent way for a smaller middle or high school youth to participate in a competitive sport. Junior coxswains weigh about 120 pounds. While lighter coxes are better, there is a minimum weight below which additional ballast must be carried in USRowing events. Coxes also need to tell their crews of larger rowers what to do, so they need to be capable of developing into confident, mature, and assertive leaders.

Team Experience

Athletes form very close friendships. They become responsible to their team and help each other develop and perform. Crew is unique in that the performance of the team together counts more than any one individual. Endurance, strength, mental toughness, and increased focus are all developed through the sport. As with most sports, participants improve their personal conditioning and technical skills. What is special about rowing is the degree to which participants work together and depend upon each other.

College Admissions

For parents and students, one of the primary advantages of high school coxing is its potential benefit in college admissions. The application process for the best colleges has become more competitive than ever. Crew is the fastest growing NCAA sport and many top schools recruit for it, with some even offering scholarships. The overall improvement in admissions for coxswains is significant.

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