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Covid-19 Response

We hope that you are safe during these uncertain times! For everyone’s health and safety, we’ve had to put a lot of things on hold this past spring. However, during this hiatus we’ve also been working out ways that we could still get you on the water in a safe manner. And we can still get you out in a 1-person boat (or a 2-person boat if from the same household)!

How is that possible? Rowing equipment is rather long. Our shortest 1-person boat is 25’ and the oars you would be using are 9’ long. The closest anyone else can get to you is a very safe distance.

Will I have all my own equipment? Yes, it means that you will have all of your own equipment during a session. This means your own boat, your own oars, and all other equipment you may need for that lesson. You won’t be touching/sharing any equipment with anyone else. We will not be providing any water, snacks, or masks and encourage you to bring your own.

What if I can’t lift/carry my boat all on my own? You won’t need to! A boat can be carried by 2 people on their shoulders at the very ends of the bow/stern. As our shortest 1-person boat is 25’ long, you’ll be at least 24’ away from your coach or one of our volunteers during that time.

What are you doing to minimize cross-contamination? In addition to touching your equipment as little as possible, your coach and our volunteers will set all of your equipment out in individual groups and sanitize it before each session. After a session, it will all be sanitized before it is put away. In order to achieve this, we have medical-grade anti-viral/bacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, nitrile gloves, and are in the process of acquiring a non-contact thermometer.

Thank you again for your patience in the midst of a pandemic! Please let me know if you have any questions.

 - Kate, [email protected]

Private Lessons

Get one-on-one coaching with a private lesson for your boat. Be it picking up an oar for the first time or looking to get additional coaching outside of regularly scheduled program practices for your race line-up, you can get the tailored coaching you need.

If you are registering a multiple-person boat, all waivers for every participant must be signed in advance.

Every lesson is 2-hours long.

A boat and oars are provided. If this is your first time rowing, check out what you should to bring with you.

Small Boats

"Small Boats" seems like an overly-simplistic name for 1-person and 2-person boats, but it's pretty standard nomenclature. If you've never touched an oar and want to, you can get your start here. Or if you're looking to take your small boat game to the next level, these are also for you.

These lessons are for the boat classifications of:
   1) 1-rower boats: Single 1x
   2) 2-rower boats: Pair 2- or Double 2x

These lessons are for the skill levels of:
   1) Introductory
   2) Beginner
   3) Intermediate
   4) Advanced

A single lesson can be just for yourself or it can include one other person of your choice (eg: your spouse/child/friend/etc). 

Big Boats

These are available for complete lineups looking for additional guidance outside of regularly scheduled practices. These are for intermediate/advanced rowers seeking to improve boat performance and speed with an eye toward competitions. If your boat lineup is set and you are looking for a coach to add value to your practice, this is where you start.

These lessons are for the boat classifications of:
   1) 4-rower boats: Four 4+ or Quad 4x
   2) 8-rower boats: Eight 8+

These lessons are for the skill levels of:
   1) Intermediate
   2) Advanced

Maximum number of boats allowed in a single lesson: 1

Current Offerings

Once registered, you will work out the time(s)/date(s) of your lesson(s) directly with the coach.

1 Lesson

3 Lessons

5 Lessons

10 Lessons

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