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Code of Conduct

  1. Rowers are expected to arrive at practice at least 15 minutes early and be prepared to row or train on land by having both water shoes and sneakers. Arrival at the scheduled start of practice is LATE. Upon arrival, athletes should complete the items on the checklist posted in the shed.
  2. Rowers shall participate in all practices and regattas committed to.
  3. Rowers are expected to notify their coach in advance of absences; Youth rowers through GroupMe and Masters rowers through their respective GoogleDoc and/or the BRC Slack channel. If last minute, text the coach.
  4. Rowers shall be attentive to coaches during practice.
  5. Have and display positive attitudes and a willingness to work with and encourage others at all times. Abusive or derogatory language toward another rower, coach, race official, parent, another crew, or the power boater who just waked you will not be tolerated.
  6. No rower should critique another rower’s performance unless specifically requested by that rower. Comments concerning boat performance should be directed to the coach.
  7. Instructions of any coach will immediately be followed. Disrespectful or abusive language or actions towards coaches, coxswains, race officials, parents or members of the public at large will not be tolerated.
  8. Talking in a boat is not just disruptive it is unsafe. The coxswain or bow seat in uncoxed boats is the only person who should be talking unless asked a direct question by a coach.
  9. Rowers and coaches are expected to treat all equipment with care and are responsible for the careful use of equipment on and off the water. All damage to any equipment is to be immediately communicated to the coach.
  10. The boat storage, shed, and launch area will be kept clean and orderly, and all personal gear is taken home. Personal gear left at BRC will be placed in the Lost & Found.
  11. Participation is required in boathouse workdays and other club activities such as learn to row and other events that help promote the sport.
  12. Rowers shall attend the entire practice or regatta unless they have advance permission of coach.
  13. All rowers, coaches, and parents are representatives of Belmont Rowing Center and the sport of rowing and should behave appropriately at all times. Congratulate competitors on a job well done after every race. “Good Race” goes a long way towards creating goodwill. All comments about a race shall be held in check until the crew gets off the water and can sit down face to face with the coach to discuss the race.
  14. Rowers must race in their team uniform. Rowers and coaches are expected to show pride in their crew team by wearing team shirts, hats, jackets and hoodies.
  15. All BRC rowers should take an active role in helping BRC crews prepare for races (eg: help with shoes, oars, hospitality tent, etc.) and everyone should cheer on BRC crews whenever possible.
  16. Socializing with other crews is an important part of a rower’s career, but athletes must be available when needed by the team or coach. The primary reason we attend regattas is to compete.
  17. Any violation of these rules or other actions deemed inappropriate may result in exclusion from future races, or if severe enough, expulsion from the rowing center.
  18. BRC has a zero tolerance for underage drinking, illegal drug use, and smoking.
  19. All masters pass holders must volunteer at least once per month as a cox, launch driver, videographer, or as a season long coordinator. In lieu of volunteering, masters may pay $150. Those who do not volunteer at least once per month will be charged a pro-rated fee.
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